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Public Elementary Schools in Oakland

There are two types of elementary schools in the Oakland Unified School District: public elementary schools and charter schools.

Oakland's School Options Program & Enrollment Zones

Oakland Unified allows any student to apply to any school in the District.

The Options Process does not guarantee that every family will be accepted into its first-choice school. It does, however, significantly expand the educational options available for all Oakland families.

The goal of this open enrollment practice (called the School Options Program) is to ensure all families have equitable access to high-performing schools across the city.

If a school has avaialble space, all students who apply will be accepted.

If there are more students than places the following criterea are used.

Here's some recent coverage of this year's boundary changes:

Where did we get the data?

OUSD updates enrollment zones periodically. As a result of recent school closures and the need to adjust zones for these closed schools they released a document that details these new zone boundaries.

OUSD also produces a search tool to help yo ufind schools without the zone information.

Why should I care what zone I'm in?

Students can only apply to up to six elementary schools. There are no guaranteed spots for any reason in a public elementary school.

As per the OUSD guidelines, the top two ways to weigh your chances in favor of a certain school are by having a sibling already enrolled there or by living in the enrollment zone of your desired school.

Some families move to improve their chances of gaining entrance into a particularly popular and successful school, however this does not guarantee entry.

How did we make the map? (for the geeks)


Although we got all the data from the city, we are not an official source for looking up your Zone. For that, go here and enter your EXACT address.

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